Die Webbasis von Ŧabian Schläpfer

Who am I?

I am a Freelancer from the beautiful St.Gallen and work as an automatist. I am a hobby programmer and therefore have a website. I create homepages and templates for Joomla and Wordpress, for little money ? Mehr...

About me

System.out.println("Everything you can know about me :)");



Name: F. Schläpfer
Date of birth: 8.1.1993
Size: 170
Eye Color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Favourite colour: Lila
Favorite Food: Poulet Sweet & Sour
Job: Automatist EFZ
Hobbies: See below

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Hobbies - skating

For skateboarding I came through my friends and the skateboarding video game of skate legend Tony Hawk. Special moments that have shaped or motivated me, I could not call right now. Actually, every day is enough to motivate me to skateboard. I just enjoy it.
Above you can see my two decks. On the left is my skateboard deck and on the right is my crouser.

Hobbies - Programming

The beginnings

Originally, I started working on code when I moved to the city with my family. I was the boy from the country and that was a little fatal to me then. Jendefalls I have isolated myself in the world of coden and so learned quite quickly.
At that time I started creating homepage with HTML, so rather scripting.
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It was about 17 February 2007 so more than 9 years ago since I discovered Blitz for myself. I wanted everything and went straight to the 3D component (Blitz3D) and built me my first game "Hubalo in Labyja". Yes, it was a real scammer back then at the school but for the first time I deserved respect and good grades for lectures on my passion.
Unfortunately, I have no more pictures and the game has been lost. But I dug up a pair of very old pictures and put them here to look at purely. (below)
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I am learning more every day and who knows how far I am going but I will definitely be able to take a private stance in the ICT industry. I am looking forward to the day when I can start my job! Often I start projects which I do not finish then. I think every programmer knows this situation.